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First release bug identified

As with any new project, there are bumps in the road. Pyr0-Piezo just hit it’s first. One of our beta testers identified a bug that causes settings sent over I2C to reset the EEPROM, thus resetting everything to defaults when the sensor is power cycled. This appears to only be the case for I2C input and not UART, however the sensor was designed to work with I2C during normal operation so we’re taking this very seriously.

If you’ve already purchased your sensor, we’ll work with you to either get its firmware updated, or we’ll send you a replacement.

If yours hasn’t been shipped yet, we’ll make sure to apply the new firmware fix before shipment, but that might delay it getting out the door by a day or two.

I’ll be working to update all of the remaining stock of sensors so that there should be no delay in future shipments.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience!

For those interested, here’s the fix for the bug

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