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Auto-bed-leveling has never been easier

What if printer calibration could be as easy on hobbyist class printers as it is on industrial, and multi-thousand-dollar printers? That’s the aim of the Pyr0-Piezo project: all of the benefits of piezoelectric z-probe without any of the fiddly calibrating of the electrical components, while also providing complete control for those inclined.

Because this sensor uses the action of the nozzle touching the print surface to probe, there are no offsets that need to be configured*, no specific bed surface material required, and no need to develop alternate probe settings for alternate tool heads or nozzles.

Open Source, extensible, affordable

Designed from the ground up with the Maker Community in mind, the aim of this project is to provide ease of use, while also providing tuning options via programming interfaces, and real-time feedback data

To learn more, take a look at the About support page, or to place an order, head over to the Shop! If you’re interested in building your own, have a peek at the DIY-able boards page.

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