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They’re In!

The v2.3.0 production EasyPiezi boards, along with the SingleDisk Adapter boards have arrived at last!

As this was my first full-assembly order from the factory, there were a couple of wrinkles (which should be rectified in v2.3.1). Thankfully most of the issues were cosmetic, and only one effects the functionality of an “optional extra feature”

  • Black Soldermask Finish is Gloss instead of Matte (cosmetic)
  • A 1.5K Ω resistor was installed in place of what was supposed to be a 0Ω jumper in-line with the PT100 analog output signal (Optional feature impairment)
  • Unrelated to the boards, but some of the wiring harnesses I ordered have pinouts rearranged slightly (easy to fix but annoying)

So not too bad for a first try!

My solution to the functionality issue is that I’ll add a checkbox to the shop page, and if anyone really needs that PT100 analog input, they can check that box, and I’ll fix the jumper by hand before shipping.

Next on the ToDo:

  • Set up actual shipping rate API’s
  • Add kit options (Delta/underbed cable harnesses, printer-specific parts, etc)
  • Migrate the website over to the new server (going from 4-core up to 16-core)
  • Finish writing documentation (will be a long process)

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